The Short List: FRB Staff Concert Picks of the Week (August 6 – 12)

Each week, Front Row Boston’s staff gives you our Short List: the bands and musicians in and around town we think you should hear.

Monday 8/7 — Brett Dennen at the Wellfleet Beachcomber

We. Love. Brett. Dennen. And he’s back with his sixth studio (and second analog) album Por Favor — a tropical take on his usual sound, and it all feels appropriately like summer vacation. Fitting for the upcoming venue, right? “I like the fact that you get the recording done and move on,” Dennen tells in a recent interview about recording an analog album. “But while I’m having fun with analog recording, I’m not locked into it forever. I’m always looking into new processes.” No opening acts have been announced.

Tuesday, 8/8 — Mew at The Sinclair

The otherworldly sound of Mew is coming our way and we couldn’t be more excited. Beautifully crafted projected presentations combined with etherial, melodic music — the Danish alt trio has a reputation for creating one compelling concert experience. This time around, they’re bringing sounds from their seventh studio album, Visuals; a tribute to the type of experiences they like to create for their listeners. “Our music has always been described as being very visual and image evoking and dreamlike,” frontman Jonas Bjerre tells Eponymous Review about their 2017 release. “I guess we were trying to tie in the experience of coming to a concert with the feeling that you get from the music.” Monakr will open.

Thursday, 8/10 — Joshua Radin and Rachael Yamagata at the Paradise Rock Club.

Joshua Radin and Rachel Yamagata are some of the most talented singer-songwriters out there. Akin and hailing from the the early 2000’s LA music scene, they’re now on the road together for the Sirius XM “Coffee House Live Tour” and are making their way to Comm Ave. (Leave early for this one. You know why.) Turns out the two have a history dating back to college in Chicago in the early 90’s. “I used to go see Rachael’s band Bumpus at the Elbow Room in Chicago,” Radin tells Noisetrade in a recent interview. “I never had the nerve to say ‘hi’ to her. She was this magical rockstar who’s voice and songs I’ve loved for many years now.” Brandon Jenner (Yes, THE Brandon Jenner) is joining. Yeah, we’re curious.

Friday, 8/11 — Bush at House of Blues

“The only way out is through,” frontman Gavin Rossdale sings, pointedly, in the first single from the band’s most recent album Man on the Run. And we’re sure you’ll hear plenty more of these affirmations during the upcoming Bush show. Gavin seems to be going through something. Or emerging from? Either way, something is happening, and it’s happening on this album. “Everybody knows what it’s like to have challenges and everyone knows what its like to be tested,” he tells Loudwire in an interview about the album. “It’s nice to have an anthem to get you through that.” Let’s be honest; this is Bush and we’re there no matter what. She Wants Revenge, and Leopold and His Fiction will be opening. Let the good times roll.

Saturday, 8/12 — Downtown Boys at Once Ballroom

I don’t think crushes get any bigger than the one we have on the Providence-based Downtown Boys. They’re local, and they remind us to never stop fighting; to continue pushing against the ‘machine’, and that punk is not dead, especially in our current political climate. (and it can use a whole lot more saxophone). Consider this appearance/show a real celebration. It’s the official release show for their new LP ‘Cost of Living”, the band’s debut album on the legendary music label Sub Pop. But don’t you worry about their label status — this band is keeping their message. “We’re a very political band,” member Victoria Ruiz tells Allston Pudding in an interview. “And we like to use opportunities where people are going to have to listen to us or going to have to read something by us, to make people think against the status quo of racism and capitalism.” Elizabeth Colour Wheel and Harocaz will open.