The Short List: FRB Staff Concert Picks of the Week (July 2-8)

Each week, Front Row Boston’s staff gives you our Short List: the bands and musicians in and around town we think you should hear.

Saturday, 7/2 – Sam Black Church – Brighton Music Hall

It seems that the short list has been chock full o’legendary Boston bands making a last stand somewhere about town. This Saturday is no different as Boston’s quintessential hardcore rockers, Sam Black Church, take on Brighton Music Hall for an afternoon all-ages show, their second such reunion in as many days. Duncan Wilder Johnson’s recent documentary on their rise has revived interest in SBC, and the band always known for high-energy, grooving takes on late 80s punk, continue to grow on a scene that seems to be more and more interested in Boston’s rock history. Other local heroes Cast Iron Hike and Motherboar support.

Saturday, 7/2 – Peter Gabriel and Sting – DCU Center

Our second rec of the week goes in a slightly different direction, seeing that Peter Gabriel and Sting’s experiment in aleatory finds itself in Worcester Saturday night. The British rock legends are calling their current tour “Rock Paper Scissors” in that the order of performance, and the performers themselves are entirely up to chance. Each songwriter’s catalogue is fair game, and the audience will find out who plays what at the same time the band does. We’re curious to see how Sting might manage “Shock the Monkey.”

Wednesday, 7/6 – Street Dogs/Sick of It All – Paradise Rock Club

When former Dropkick Murphys frontman Mike McColgan started Street Dogs in 2002, few could have foreseen the band’s rise to being Boston’s punk voice of the working class. While his former band spoke to Southie’s shamrock American crowd with anthemic odes to Irish American imagination, McColgan and Street Dogs tapped into something grittier, real, and authentic in New England’s deindustrialized blue collar quotidian. And Wednesday, they’re joined by New Yorker partners in politics Sick of It All for a co-headling show at the Paradise. Hong Kong hardcore King Ly Chee and self-described “positive hardcore” New Yorkers Manipulate will open the night.

Thursday, 7/7 – Los Pericos – Brighton Music Hall

Argentine reggae. It seems an odd phrase and an odd concept. Yet for over thirty-five years, Buenos Aires’ Los Pericos have put together a unique take on the music more closely associated with the Caribbean than the southern tip of South America. After a star turn on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations in 2006, the band has developed quite a following in North America, and their stop at Brighton Music Hall on Thursday is an opportunity for their Boston fans to catch their groove live.

Friday, 7/8 – Kitten – The Middle East

Kitten has been on the verge of a mainstream breakout for the past three years. With bands like CHVRCHES and Sleigh Bells seeing a greater degree of pop success during that period, it’s perhaps only a matter of time for Kitten (masterminded by singer Chloe Chaidez) to break through on a similar but slightly different sound. Marrying electro ambiance with dark post-goth textures and noisy bombast, Kitten are at their best when they’re somewhere between the 80s, 90s, and now. When Chaidez seems to be the long-lost daughter of Robert Smith and Hope Sandoval. Their latest EP Heaven or Somewhere in Between is right there. Kesha soundalikes Sizzy Rocket and Arctic Monkey-vein power poppers Clean Spill will set the tone for the evening.