The Short List: FRB Staff Concert Picks of the Week (June 24-July 1)

Each week, Front Row Boston’s staff gives you our Short List: the bands and musicians in and around town we think you should hear.

Saturday, 6/24 – Imelda May at the Paradise Rock Club
Imelda May has set her notable 50’s rockabilly sound aside for a moment to reflect on the end of her 18-year marriage with her new album Life Love Flesh Blood. “I wrote the album over the course of a year, so I wrote it about everything,” she tells NPR’s Lulu Garcia-Navarro. “So yes, my marriage breakup is in there, but then I met someone else — and feeling guilty for being happy again, and then having desire and sensuality, all these beautiful things that are certainly a different experience in your 40s than in your 20s, you know? You learn new things about yourself.” Front Row favorite Will Dailey will open. Check out our recording of Dailey performing “The Submariner” in studio at WGBH.

Sunday, 6/25 – Jared & The Mill at Sinclair
Jared & The Mill are making a stop in Boston as part of a humungous U.S. summer tour/road trip. But the southwestern indie rock band are no strangers to the road. “We are constantly on the road and pushing it, because we’re hard working, and because it’s who we are,” Jared Kolesar, lead vocals and guitar, tells Red Line Roots in a 2016 interview. “We feel like we got catapulted into this big adventure.” Another Front Row fave, Air Traffic Controller, will open, along with the Fast Romantics. Watch Air Traffic Controller performing their hit song “On the Wire” in studio at WGBH.

…or if you’re a more into the hard stuff, check out Megadeth at House of Blues Boston.
Metal legends Megadeth are back on the road again, this time for the “Dystopia World Tour” and their 15th studio album Dystopia; recorded in Nashville with new members guitarist Kiko Loureiro (ex-Angra) and drummer Chris Adler (Lamb of God). “There have been several periods during our careers when we have made records that were what Megadeth isn’t,” frontman Dave Mustaine tells Ticketmaster what fans can expect from the album, “I think the simplest way is to just say, ‘This is what Megadeth is’.” Meshuggah and TesseracT will open.

Tuesday , 6/27 – Jason Isbell at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion
Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit return to Boston with a new album in tow. The Nashville Sound is the sixth studio album from Isbell, and an introspective mix of the country twang the Grammy Award winning singer is known for. Still, he considers the new album’s title a risky statement. “There’s an incredibly diverse mix of music happening here right now,” Isbell says in an article published on Rolling Stone. “The Black Keys are here. Paramore is here. All these bands that don’t have anything to do with mainstream country music are here, and I think bands like that – Americana acts and people playing the left-of-the-dial type of country – are more important now, as an export, than the mainstream country that’s being made here. The sound has changed.” An opening act has not been announced. You can also check out our recording of Jason Isbell’s full performance at House of Blues Boston in 2016 here.

Saturday, 7/1 — Ava Luna at Great Scott
You’ll have to dig deep to identify the roots of Ava Luna. Indie, Alternative Neo-soul, R&B — they’ve been drawing their influences from several wells. It’s been noted that the Brooklyn-based band calls it a ‘nervous sound’. Ava Luna’s drummer Julian Fader tells ThrdCoast in a 2015 interview: “How could you not be nervous living in this world? I think ‘focused and neurotic’ is a better descriptor, but it just doesn’t have that same ring to it.” Birthing Hips, The Craters, and a DJ set by Ellen from Palehound will open.