The Short List: FRB Staff Concert Picks of the Week (October 29 – November 4)

Each week, Front Row Boston’s staff gives you our Short List: the bands and musicians in and around town we think you should hear.

Sunday, 10/29 — SYML at WGBH’s Fraser Performance Studio

Brian Fennell (of the indie rock band Barcelona) will be performing at WGBH this weekend under the moniker SYML. This solo project stems from a recent exploration into his Welsh roots (‘syml’ means ‘simple’ in Welsh), becoming a first-time father, and piecing together the significance of both while maintaining a balanced and simple life. “When I was writing these songs, and as I continue to write more and look into the future, ‘simple’ serves as a reminder both in production and in life,” Fennell tells us in a recent interview. “It wasn’t just music that I wanted that reminder to be. It’s everything around me.” Boston-based singer-songwriter Sidney Gish will open. Tickets are available here.

Monday 10/30 — Goblin at the Sinclair

What a great opportunity (and time!) to get into the Halloween spirit. Goblin are a well known revolving group of musicians who have scored some of the horror genre’s most mind bending Italian/Gialo films including including (Dario) Argento classics Tenebrae and Suspiria, and American classic George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. Their synth-heavy prog rock regularly veers into nightmarish and atmospheric territory, making them a truly original and iconic entity, and a hell of a good time live. Trust us, it works. Morricone Youth will be joining, and we’ll definitely see you there.

Friday 11/3 — The Breeders at the Sinclair

It’s taken a long time for the founding members of the Breeders to get together again. But it happened, and now we have a new tour, some new music (just a few weeks ago the band dropped their new single “Get in the Car“), and new album is on its way from the band. “On ‘Wait in the Car,’ The Breeders’ signature sound is back. It’s brash, sexy, and rebellious like the best of band,” Mashable reports. “And because they make familiar feelings like anger sound … different, there couldn’t be a better time for a Breeders comeback than right now.” We couldn’t agree more. Flasher will open.

Saturday 11/4 — Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile at the Orpheum Theater

Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile took ‘hey, we should hang out’ to a new level and made an album. But it’s wasn’t the brain child of a sole coffee shop visit. Lotta Sea Lice, released in early October, is the result of 8 days in the studio spread over almost 15 months when Courtney and Kurt’s respective touring schedules allowed for them to be in the same place at the same time. “It started out as, maybe we’ll do a split 7″ together but then I figured let’s make it a 12″ so it doesn’t get lost in the world, shoot for 5 songs, ” Kurt remarks on the project. “It wasn’t until I had another tour booked that we thought we should record as much as we can, just see what happens, no major goal to make it a full length, but it came together that way ‘cause the vibe was so strong with everyone.” Jen Cloher will open.