Song Premiere: Infinity Girl Covers The Smiths’ “Ask” for Disposable America’s Orlando Pulse Benefit Compilation

Cue the film reel: a quintessential cheesy couple strolls hand-in-hand. They stare into one another’s eyes as the hazy summer sun sets. It’s kitsch euphoria. It’s blissful, lovey-dovey imagery perfectly fitting a sanguine ‘80s pop-rock. We are talking about The Smiths, of course. Particularly their song, “Ask,” on which Morrissey’s penchant for dousing melancholic lyricism with upbeat vibes shines.

But all of this imagery is insignificant, because with Infinity Girl’s cover, premiering here ahead of its July 15 release, the track is wholly unrecognizable. “Ask” is the opening track on local indie label Disposable America’s second-ever roster mixtape, SPECIAL INTERESTa 26 — previously unreleased — track compilation featuring other Boston favorites like Horse Jumper of LovePuppy Problems, and Strange Mangers. What was meant to be a surprise release — sure to delight Allston musicians and rock fans alike — became a tribute and fundraiser in the wake of the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting last month.

Over a flitting stereophonic intro, a discordant guitar chord opens the track ahead of the rest of the instruments — guitar foregrounded in such a way that the song is incredibly, perfectly intimate — enveloping the listener in an ambient dream pop world. Augmenting their shoegaze sound with a heavy, dark soundscape, guitarists Nolan Eley and Kyle Oppenheimer’s airy, lo-fi drones diverge greatly from the very audible, crystalline-clear notes of Johnny Marr. Rather than copy The Smiths’ tongue-in-cheek, exhorting counsel to a lover, Infinity Girl reimagine “Ask” as a warmly flirtatious, comforting reminder that one need but only ask for what they want.

If knowing that 100% of the proceeds of the mixtape will be donated to the Pulse Tragedy Community Fund isn’t enough, the digital album preorder is but only $1, making each track not even four cents. Support the Boston DIY scene. Support unity. Support love “because if it’s not love…that will bring us together,” it must be music.

Infinity Girl is Nolan Eley (vocals, guitar), Kyle Oppenheimer (vocals, guitar), Mitchell Stewart (bass), and Sebastian Modak (drums.)